Monday, 24 August 2009

In search of Snakes

This outing saw me taking the bull by the horns and seeking out my nemesis - well a subject that I have yet to add to my image library despite many cursory attempts. I say cursory as I am maintaining my position of indifference about having actually attempting properly to obtain a shot. Anyway acting on a hot tip about Fire Beacon Hill, thanks to EDDC for the tip, I trooped on up there. What a cracking sight, views across the bay, wonderful swathes of heather, sounds of the Dartford Warbler and Stonechat to completely overwhelm the senses - so what first?

Alas I made yet again the fatal mistake of towing along the family, a 3 year old excitable then bored then excitable then bored etc..etc.. , mother not knowing why we are there and a 7 year old as keen to get the shot as me is very distracting for photographer and for their subjects!

My second mistake was lack of preparation, in as much as I had no idea where to be looking! I found several disappearing tails, proof positive of Lizards, I have plenty of shots of those, but not a Dickie bird from the Adders. So I contented myself with the odd shot of a gatekeeper, an unknown caterpillar, (I'm still awaiting ID - if you can help please do!), plenty of grasshoppers and a rather unusual small copper that had a near white fore wing.

Needless to say I will now have gained the additional information required and so will shortly make the trip back and get the shot I have only just decided I shall attempt - there are some out there who know what I mean!!!

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  1. Hi Ben

    The hill above Chagford and heathy parts of Haldon Forest are good for adders too. Look around the edges of gorse and bramble bushes and features such as grassy tussocks and fallen logs. Tread gently - they are sensitive to vibrations. This is a great time of year to find them (although they are unlikely to bask in wet, windy weather), so good luck - hope you manage to snap one soon!